Culture is the way things get done around a business. This may include behaviours, such as the way a leader manages a team, symbols, such as who has a car park and systems, such as how performance is measured.

Every business has their own culture, that is shaped by deliberate and targeted programs and/or grows organically through the various symbols, behaviours and systems that are in place.

In conjunction to having a great digital strategy, the best chance that a business has to flourish in the 21st century is to deliberately shape a culture by having a clear purpose, values and brand that is aligned to overall vision and strategic direction of the business.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
— Peter Drucker

Culture program

Roxanne Strauss works as a “Culture Coach” to empower CEO’s and Organisational Development/HR professionals to align their culture, brand and strategy. The purpose of this program is to build internal capability to transform and align culture to business strategy.

An assessment will be completed with the CEO or HR Director to assess the level of support required and a bespoke program will be developed that depends on the goals, level of need and budget.

You will have access to cultural alignment tools and guides and access to support via email and video conferencing along the way.

Roxanne will introduce you to the latest cloud-based technology and processes that are being used by high performing businesses that will enable the culture you desire.

We understand the changing global market and overlay our work with a digital mindset”
— Roxanne Strauss

cultural transformation - workshop

We facilitate workshops with senior leaders, change consultants and HR/OD professionals on how to build a purpose driven and values-based culture. Our process and models have been developed from a blend of different approaches and our own experience of what works in business.  

Importantly our model includes the importance of aligning the brand and culture to mirror the internal employee and external customer experience and engaging people through an inspiring purpose.

By attending this workshop you will receive practical tools, models and templates to plan and implement a cultural transformation program in your business.

leadership coaching and facilitation

Roxanne has delivered over 2000 hours of individual coaching and group facilitation processes with leaders, teams and Executives over the past 10 years.

She has an Advanced Diploma in Group Facilitation and is accredited in many coaching techniques and tools such as NLP and Timeline Therapy, the Enneagram, DISC at the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Australia.


Services offered

Executive Coaching . Leadership Coaching . Change and Communication Skills 

Team Building Workshops . Leadership Development

Leader evolution

Our 90 day signature leadership program strengthens a leader's ability to evolve their own awareness and leadership style, whilst setting them up to build and lead strong teams that align directly back to the strategic objectives of the business.

Program Themes

Values-Based Leadership . Conscious Leadership . Emotional Intelligence . Personal Resilience . 360 Degree Feedback . Enneagram of Personality . Leading Change . Performance Feedback . Strategic Planning and Team Visioning


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