We partner with senior leaders and HR professionals to create an engaging and aligned customer and employee experience . 


Taking a holistic approach, we help people reach their potential in the workplace by building a purpose driven and values based culture. We understand that to create a great customer experience you must have an engaging employee experience and therefore we work to align brand and culture so the internal values and purpose mirror the external ones.

We have an understanding of the latest in technology, systems and processes and are constantly scouring the globe for the latest cloud-based solutions for you to use with your employees.

We use agile and lean processes so that the customer is always at the centre of our thinking.

Tackling the change on numerous fronts, such as technology, process, brand and culture allows not only for the change to stick, but for it to be relevant well into the future.

We understand the changing global market, the change in technology and how this impacts your brand and culture. This allows us to help you to leapfrog ahead of your competition in all aspects of your business”
— Roxanne Strauss

Our Approach

Our approach is holistic and bespoke. We never deliver the same program twice, although use many similar models to get the outcomes that you desire. Whether that be agile project methodology to bring a team together to iteratively implement a program or work with an Executive team on how to lead a values-based culture or deliver an entire cultural change program, we design, deliver and recommend whatever will get the best outcomes for you and your business.

We guarantee to take into consideration the entire big picture so that the approach we are recommending isn't just a  quick fix, but will introduce lasting change into your business.

Our purpose is to ignite change in business to create an engaging and aligned customer and employee experience.”
— Roxanne Strauss


Our signature culture program builds internal capability to transform and align culture to the business strategy and brand. Using tested cultural change models and with a solid understanding of brand and technology this program will work with leaders and the people function to transform your culture.


An exceptional culture starts with amazing leadership.Our programs strengthens your leaders ability to evolve their own awareness and leadership style, whilst setting them up to build and lead strong teams that align directly back to the strategic objectives of the business.